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The Helpless Chapel


Stood leaning against the church S. Martin Headstone between Fernandez and the beginning of the Daisy wall of the nave of the temple to the wall of the apse sweetened leaving aside the access gate to the churchyard a small space corresponding to the width of about a meter and making a right angle to the side of tombstone to the first buttress wall.

This chapel bell was without quadrangular and have about three feet away. These elements were collected in plant engineering Sintra Captain José Antonio Abreu lifted in May 1850 that show below with No 40.Tambem if the same can check your position in an engraving by William Burnett who painted several pictures in Sintra between the years of 1830 and 1837.



Lápide Margarida Fernandez

Your birth date of early 1755 when a priest of the Parish Church of St. Martin named Jose Nunes who worried that the inmates of the jail had not remembered spiritual assistance to build this chapel that such assistance could be given to prisoners. The chain of the village where it stood today and the post office, so that the prisoners could hear Mass opened two windows on the wall that faces the street Biquinha thereby facing the door of the chapel. These data were taken from a document of August 14, 1755. Seventy-nine days after the earth shook so scary almost collapsing because all the old village is situated in a seismic fault and the shocks are much more sense here.
The priest said the small temple built without authorization from their superiors which demonstrates that the illegal construction was already practiced in those years from 1755.


A small chapel was spared by the earthquake of November 1, 1755 and suffered almost nothing despite old documents say that the church of S. Martin was totally ruined what is logical because the walls of the apse largely resisted though they had been in a state of having to be partially apeadas. The wall of the apse of the eastern side not totally collapsed and suffered little hermitage. I reckon if dropped would not have been rebuilt since constituted an unsightly acresceste.


There is a document that is in the municipal library in Tombo Santa Casa da Misericordia de Sintra which is a letter addressed to the provider by the mayor of Mercy parish Diogo Emiliano Sources dated April 24, 1838 that says that this date is the hermitage in a state of neglect with the door open, serving as a refuge for the homeless, and it was not convenient in the middle of the town is preserved in a chapel great state of desecration. In book # 25 of the minutes of the board of Mercy were asked to send up to close the door of the chapel because he is leaving. The board decided that send sleepers by the door while it was not a new one. It was an emergency measure and not for lack of money, because this time it was the holy house traditional lending money at interest with mortgage, as seen in numerous documents in your file.


In book # 26 of the minutes of the Santa Casa sheet 265 is dated May 19, 1867 the decision to demolish the small chapel and go to the Santa Casa all materials and objects.
In today's day and to celebrate its existence is represented by a beautiful litter bins that embellish the bus stop and give it a unique flavor of the months verão.Valha us S. Martin.
In lithography Burnett can be seen from the Lady Chapel of the Forlorn beside the Church of S. Martin.



Ermida dos Desamparados